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          Welcome to  Artistic Wonders Gallery.  The home of Original art work  by Michigan artist Jim Wardynski. Jim has many of his original art works for sale. With  some of his original artworks being in Poland , Germany as well as, Ohio, Washington ,Michigan an other state in the USA.  Jim does his artwork in a verity of mediums and image sizes.  Jim's art works are done in, oil paint, color pencil, pen&ink, graphite pencil, Wood Burning and acrylic paints. The art works are done in many themes, styles and on different surfaces. Original artworks can be framed or unframed.  Just let us know which you perfer when placing your order, for your own original artwork or print by Michigan artist Jim Wardynski.

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Unframed Prints $10.00 each plus S/H

Home of Original art work by Michigan Artist  Jim Wardynski

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  works by Michigan artists Jim Wardynswki.

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